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Fri Dec 7 10:04:46 CST 2018

Several years ago when I restored my 8/M, I whipped up
a quick and dirty program that uses TCL/Tk to make a
little graphical interface for selecting, reading, and punching
paper tape images.  When running, it looks something
like this:


You need the P9P (Plan9 from user space) libraries installed
to build it, but I could whip up a binary for you if you'd like
to try it out.  I typically run it in a shell script that looks like:


xterm -vb -sb -geom +180+10 -fg '#D0D0FF' -bg black -e asr33 $*


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 Subject: PDP-8/e
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 Date: Friday, December 7, 2018, 4:59 AM
 Hi All
    Seasons Greetings..
 My PDP-8/e was long due for a major
 1. So everything out
 2. Big Hoover job on the Omnibus 
 3. Bring up on Variac – No smoke
 4. Check  PSU volts. – All OK
 5. Power off
 6. Install minimal System – Front
 Panel, Three CPU cards, RFI shield,  4k Core and Bus
 7. Yup all looks in right order
 8. Power on
 9. Toggle in standard AC count up
 10. Clear + Cont 
 11. And they are racing at
 12. Yup counts up just like it should.
 13. Let it run for a while.
 14. All stop.
 15. PSU off
 16. Inset Async Card (Its 110 baud
 17. Fire up VT100. Beep - yup its
 18. Toggle in keyboard echo test.
 19. Clear + Cont – Program runs
 20. And .. yes keyboard gets echoed
 OK now I need a little help. 
 Does anybody know of a terminal
 emulation program that will simulate the reader on an
 I know about   RIM and BIN loaders
 but how and what to feed them I have long forgotten
 My PDP-8 course completion certificate
 is dated November 1975.
 Rod Smallwood
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