Opening RL02 disk pack

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    > From>: Christian Corti

    > I thought that the DEC packs would be similar but no, DEC had to
    > something different...

Huh? I thought RL0x drives use an IBM 5440 type pack (as used on the IBM
System/3 - I used one of those at my first computer job, they'd just gotten
it in); DEC may have used their own format (and servo track stuff), I don't
know much about the 5440.


Quoted from "DISK DRIVE CONTROL: THE EARLY YEARS" (Abramovitch & Franklin)

"DEC came out with the 125 TPI RL01 disk drive in 1978,which was the first
produced full sectored (embedded) servo drive on the market."

Sounds to me like it was different, but in a good way?


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