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What I do for loading paper tape into my PDP8E via the ASR33 is.
1. key in the RIM loader from the front panel 2. Run the RIM to load the a
copy of BIN from the ASR33 paper tape 3. Once the BIN is in core, you can
load any other file or program from the ASR 33 Paper tape.

What tapes do you have?

Mike Zahorik
(414) 254-6768

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Several years ago when I restored my 8/M, I whipped up
a quick and dirty program that uses TCL/Tk to make a
little graphical interface for selecting, reading, and punching
paper tape images.  When running, it looks something
like this:


You need the P9P (Plan9 from user space) libraries installed
to build it, but I could whip up a binary for you if you'd like
to try it out.  I typically run it in a shell script that looks like:


xterm -vb -sb -geom +180+10 -fg '#D0D0FF' -bg black -e asr33 $*


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 Hi All
    Seasons Greetings..
 My PDP-8/e was long due for a major
 1. So everything out
 2. Big Hoover job on the Omnibus 
 3. Bring up on Variac – No smoke
 4. Check  PSU volts. – All OK
 5. Power off
 6. Install minimal System – Front
 Panel, Three CPU cards, RFI shield,  4k Core and Bus
 7. Yup all looks in right order
 8. Power on
 9. Toggle in standard AC count up
 10. Clear + Cont 
 11. And they are racing at
 12. Yup counts up just like it should.
 13. Let it run for a while.
 14. All stop.
 15. PSU off
 16. Inset Async Card (Its 110 baud
 17. Fire up VT100. Beep - yup its
 18. Toggle in keyboard echo test.
 19. Clear + Cont – Program runs
 20. And .. yes keyboard gets echoed
 OK now I need a little help. 
 Does anybody know of a terminal
 emulation program that will simulate the reader on an
 I know about   RIM and BIN loaders
 but how and what to feed them I have long forgotten
 My PDP-8 course completion certificate
 is dated November 1975.
 Rod Smallwood
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