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On 12/8/18 10:19 AM, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:

> Do they include the sources?  Are they up on bitsavers anywhere?

Not currently, what I have is what was released on the Languages and Tools SIG
tape in RATFOR

I'll put the tape images I have up as soon as I can find them.

I'm trying to find my Glen Everhart RSX .TPC images right now

I also just fixed a couple of CHM DECUS paper tape catalog entries for the PDP-1 and PDP-8
so they are correctly identified as such.

========> [VMSLT02B.GCE]AAAREADME.TXT;2 <========

Stuff for Fall 2002

========> [VMSLT02B.LTSIG]AAAREADME.TXT;1 <========

LT Sig 1987-88

This directory contains the Languages and Tools SIG material
from the 1987-88 sigtape they put out which has been difficult
to find. Included is the last edition of the LBL Software Tools
as released for VMS, plus a few other interesting items which
appeared at that time. While this material is not known specifically
to work in Alpha (it predates the Alpha by a few years) it is
written in very portable Ratfor and many of the tools will probably
"just work". Presented here to help ensure it is not forgotten.


you'll have to pull this off IA or go through the annon ftp, since is down

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