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Sun Dec 9 11:45:30 CST 2018

Can't comment on the monitor, but I haven't had good luck with modern 48T02
devices and old Sun systems. Apparently ST changed something in how the
clock section works, iirc it's timing related. Definitely rebuild your old
NVRAMs! I've got a little repair board I made up for it:

The files are on GitHub if you want to run your own, or I've got them
assembled and ready to be installed on your NVRAM.


On Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 10:55 AM Guy Dunphy via cctalk <cctalk at>

> Checking out a SUN SPARC station ELC tonight. It powers up, passes self
> test.
> Boot fails because the CMOS RAM battery is dead, so it's lost boot config.
> That's no problem, it's an ST MK48T02B-25 'TIMEKEEPER RAM' 2K x 8, which
> is still available. Or I'll probably just cut open the tophat and connect
> a new battery.
> Then RTFM to find how to tell it to boot from external SCSI device 3.
> By extreme good fortune this machine came with a complete set of manuals.
> The main problem is the video monitor worked for a few minutes, then
> dropped to
> about half brightness - and since then is randomly varying in brightness.
> Before I open it up and start connector wiggling and hunting bad caps, dry
> joints
> and so one, does anyone know if schematics for the monitor exist online?
> Guy

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