Documation card readers for sale

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Dec 10 09:20:52 CST 2018

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 7:24 PM Kyle Owen <kylevowen at> wrote:
> If anyone here does get one, I've got a simple Arduino UNO program that
> interfaces to the parallel output and sends fully decoded information over
> USB at quite high speeds.

I'm interested in that!  I was designing one in my head this weekend.
Much better to stand on the shoulders of giants!

> I'm also working on getting a cable made to hook up to the M843 CR8-E
> punched card reader interface for the PDP-8/E, but that's a project for
> another day (year?).

I have an M8291 CR-11 board (untested) but no cable.  Same cable as
the M843 AFAIK (documented as such).

The interesting thing about my M-200 is it has a factory mod - a
6802-based parallel-serial board, mounted on an internal 44-pin
0.156"-spacing connector, so rather than remove that and use an
external cable, I have the option of making my own card for the socket
with a 40-pin Berg connector and using a straight 40-pin cable to the
M8291 or M843.

But since mine is punched-cards only (not mark-sense cards), I'm not
that likely to punch a lot of card decks for mine.  Once I read 3-4
decks for a local buddy, I don't really have "next use" for my reader.


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