Genrad 2511 Vibration Control System

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Tue Dec 11 15:43:52 CST 2018

At 09:33 AM 11/12/2018 -0800, you wrote:
>I hadn't noticed this before, but Tucker Electronics closed this past summer :-(
>who used to be a good source for manuals.

Oh no! Not them too.  is gone. And they dumpstered most of their huge warehouse full of
manuals, despite a small and way too-late effort by some volunteers to rescue what they could.
That was an utter disaster. Being on the other side of the planet (and not wealthy) sucks
when I have to watch catastrophes like that happen.

I thought that left Your Manual Source, but their URLs
and  don't seem to be functioning now. One is a domain squatter.

What happened to them, does anyone know?

Does anyone have a list of remaining sellers of original paper manuals? Especialy for instrument
lines including Tek, HP, GR, etc.

With all due respect to bitsavers and other archives of scanned manuals, I have a low opinion
of current document scanning practices and archiving file formats. Two tone (fax mode) is sad,
even if the resolution is high enough to be able to read the text. Not preserving gray levels
on edges means the character outlines are ruined, gone forever. Not to mention what it does to
screen printed images, or the lack of a format for combined text image plus searchable content.

Hence I believe it's tragic and a cultural crime to be destroying old physical manuals. At all
and especially while the technology of document capture and file formats is still so primitive.

PDF... don't get me started on that unspeakable horror of a format.

For me, the timing is terrible. I acquire what I can, mostly manuals for equipment I have, though
my resources are very limited. I'm poor atm, but expect a considerable inheritance in next few
years. I'd hoped the big manuals stores would still be around by then, and I could work on
scanning significant amounts 'my way.'
But it looks like I'm too late. Dammit.


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