PET peve thing... Editors

allison allisonportable at
Wed Dec 12 13:41:30 CST 2018

The whole thing comes from a project for myself... 
I wanted a very basic screen based editor written in 8080/8085/z80 asm
and compact
(as in under 4K).  I figured first lets inquire of the Internet to see
if I need to and code exists...

Well google is a rats bottom as now matter how you write it it either
thinks your talking about

 assemblers, no i'm not.
 emulators, srsly?
 PC based editor, still not close
 HTML editors, aw come on now!
 ALS or any of the line editor (aka ED), yuck and I have that already...
They must have existed how'ed all that CP/M code get written before
Vedit or other programmers editors?
So now I'm going to have to write my own as the "world search tools" are
willfully dumb and stupid.


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