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allison allisonportable at
Wed Dec 12 20:35:18 CST 2018

On 12/12/2018 03:04 PM, Sean Conner via cctalk wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great allison via cctalk once stated:
>> The whole thing comes from a project for myself... 
>> I wanted a very basic screen based editor written in 8080/8085/z80 asm
>> and compact
>> (as in under 4K).  I figured first lets inquire of the Internet to see
>> if I need to and code exists...
>   I remember typing in TED.ASM from one of the PC magazines in the late 80s. 
> Yes, it's for MS-DOS, but:
> 	1) The 8086 is somewhat, kind of, source compatible with the
> 	8080/Z80 (if you squint hard enough)
Your not serious?  Z80 or 8080 to 8086 is not too bad but the other way
is plain nuts.

> 	2) It was 3K when assembled into TED.COM
Its not nice code either.  It assumes a memory mapped video, as in the
PC video.   Kaypro is a pretty close example of that but this will not
be used
on a kaypro.

The executable did run ok in .dosemu.
> 	3) Was full screen.  And quite basic.  
>   I'm not sure how hard it would be to translate it to 8080/Z80.
Pretty nasty as Z80 does not know of segments, DOS IO, or can be assumed
to have a memory mapped video.  For S100 that would be a PT VDM-1,or one
of the similar flavors.   If it were my usual S100/Kaypro/AMproLB+ or
any of
the CP/M machines I have its VEDIT.

But this machine is maybe 1/3rd the size of a S100 card. All IO is
serial initially.


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