Manual sources

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Thu Dec 13 06:08:28 CST 2018

<snip it all>

Thus electronic storage / scanning is probably the best alternative all
else considered.  Everyone here can hope another like-minded soul will be
there to do what needs to be done when opportunity awaits

I saved a healthy run of early popular electronics mags from the
wilmington, delaware library a few years ago. If I haddn't randomly
happenend to have been there...

I assume pop electr are all online, but ultimately it's about cost benefit
of storage.  As far as places like ManualsPlus and other for-profit
libraries, many I am sure were killed in part by free digital copies on the
web.. i.e. we who archive and post copies for free have our role in what
became of the for-profit library business.

I remember Jason Scott was very involved in rallying volunteers to save
what could be saved at ManualsPlus, a lot was thus saved by Jason.  Some of
it passed through club I think.


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