AMD Am8177 Datasheet

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Let us know of any bipolar AMD am2900, anything in the am2900 Bipolar Microprocessor Family.
2900 demo board:<>
Created Date: 1/15/2009 12:09:39 PM

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I have a few thousand ECL chips here if anyone needs any. I'll try to post
a list by the first.


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> wrote:
> > Kyle,
> >
> > Where did you find that part?  I designed the video stage of the AT&T
> Pixel
> > Machine back in the late 80's using that part.  It was perfect for us as
> I
> > had to access up to 16 cards worth of pixels in TTL and spit out a video
> > rate stream in ECL to drive the lookup tables and the DACs.  Only time
> I've
> > ever designed a backplane with active parts on it.
> >
> Very cool! I found this one in the bwtwo framebuffer for a Sun 3/60. They
> didn't seem to use the chip in other Sun machines, far as I can tell.
> Kyle
> >

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