Researching IBM rare equipment from 50s to 80s

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> > Fellow geeks of more mature vintage,
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> > Do any of you guys know whether it is possible to find out to whom any
> > equipment was sold back in the day? (Still chasing IBM 2321 Data Cell - I
> > never learn!)
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> > Many thanks,
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> > peter
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> Try contacting the ABN Amrobank datacenter in Amstelveen.
> They have (had?) some vintage IBM stuff on display in the various
> spots there.
> Their address is : Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 1, 1183 CC Amstelveen.
> Ed
> --
> Ik email, dus ik besta.

Just because it is tangentially on topic...In the USA, other than IBM
itself one can try the Hagley Museum archives in Wilmington, Delaware.
There is an IBM document subarchive there.  In 1987 while working for IBM
as a college student intern I was dispatched once to retrieve some docs
stored there.  I dont know what the extent of the IBM component of the
archive is, or if it is Wilmington/Philadelpia/DuPont only.

Related to Hagley I recently retrieved RCA docs there.  There is also
UNIVAC stuff.

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