Looking for a home for most issues of BYTE Magazine

ED SHARPE couryhouse at aol.com
Sat Dec 15 09:57:05 CST 2018

these  may already  be scanned and  out there.

we  have   hardcopy  and   what a  joy to  sit  and   just  look  though in  a  big  arm chair....
If  you have  space....   always  great to have  them in  prit  as  the images  for  displays  etc   are  better     than what usually is  out   compressed on the  net.  I  have  found though internet  archive    has   some  jpeg2000 I think it is     pages   for many things  that  are  pretty  sharp.
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> Hi, all,

Hi John,

> Does anyone know of any person or organization within a reasonable 
> distance from southern California who might take these magazines and 
> preserve them, instead of just selling them on eBay?

Have you contacted the Internet Archive and / or BitSavers? I think one 
or both of them will take things like this and scan them for 
preservation and to share with other people.

Grant. . . .
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