Core memory emulator using non volatile ram.

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> In the end, current generation CMOS ram is the easy out, battery is
> small, cost is small,  and
> produces much less of the heat that is killer to systems.   The only
> reason to do that is core
> cost big if you can find it for your machine.  I can cost more if you
> want to run an OS that
> needs a fair amount of it.  AC as well as it can help heat the room and
> also power as in
> makes the meter spin.
> So much lathering and speculation about what and how.  When the point is
> totally missed.
> Allison

What programs or operating sytems require non volatile core?
Did DEC have any BOOTSTRAP programs in prom for the 8?
A small prom and regular slow mos memory may be the solution.

I’m trying to make a  look and feel  reproduction PDP-8/e. 
So the memory characteristics need to be as close as possible.

An original ( and I do have one)  and the copy when placed side by side should run in sync.
When executing he same code – What code I couldn’t care.


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