Orphan HP Alphaservers looking for a new home

Grant Taylor cctalk at gtaylor.tnetconsulting.net
Mon Dec 17 20:00:26 CST 2018

On 12/17/18 5:27 PM, Richard Loken via cctalk wrote:
> Anything Tru64 Unix does VMS does better.  Anything Linux does Tru64 
> Unix does better.

If that's true, then I would expect Tru64 to have better support of 
modern cryptographic ciphers than Linux.  Carrying your analogy further, 
I'd expect to see bleeding edge development on future ciphers on 
(Open)VMS systems.

> Have I made my bigotry clear?


Have I?  }:-)

> You will seriously raise your electric bill and somewhat lower your 
> heating bill.  All of this hardware is 120V single phase but it would 
> like a couple circuit breakers all to itself.

Do the breakers need to come from /my/ breaker panel?  Or do the Alphas 
care if they come from my neighbors house?

...Assuming that there's no sneak current or cross phase issues.  I 
guess I could power them completely from my neighbor's place and just 
link our houses with optical fiber.  :-D  Or wireless!  Seeing as how 
Linux sort of supports wireless, (Open)VMS is bound to have support for it.

Grant. . . .
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