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On 12/19/2018 09:05 AM, xcvb via cctalk wrote:
> Tho ive seldom posted but have always read this list i cannot resist - 
> somewhere stored away in my piles of stuff I have an IBM Model 30 I 
> believe that has an 8 bit isa bus and an 80186 cpu.

I am somewhat surprised to learn that any commercially available general 
purpose computer had an 8186 CPU.  I've only seen it in purpose built 
equipment.  The last one I saw was in a mobile X-Ray or CT machine in 
the late '90s.

I would love some confirmation on the CPU.  (I'll look it up in a bit.)

That would mean that IBM PS/2s had every major class of x86 CPU between 
the 8086 (or was it 8088, which is still in the 8x86 family) and the 

IMHO that's impressive.

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