New takes on XT-IDE, a new FDC, and a new CM/S GAL WAS: RE: More old stuff incoming

Ali cctalk at
Wed Dec 19 14:01:17 CST 2018

> > "Tube Time" is the developer of the adlib (now sold by the Russians
> on eBay) and the SnBl
> >

Has anyone seen these before? They seem to be a new take (just a shrink down) of the XT-IDE and an FDC controller that supports single density (FM) and 2.88 ED drives (along with the usual PC stuff). The FDC is interesting. I would have liked to have seen it be more like a CCIV w/ four drive support and addresses but given that most FDCs will not support FM this is a great step forward.

It also looks like someone tweaked the PAL code, originally decoded by Chuck G., on the SB CM/S upgrade to get rid of some of the incompatibilities...


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