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OK  yea  Zane that is the  Epson scanner  I hear  so much  good  about!
I miss  my  sinar....  had   4x5 5x7 and  8 x10  backs  (it  was the old orig  NORMA.    what a  beauty... when I started  comp  biz the  sale of that  . cant  complain     comp biz  ..  still have my speed graphic  and  my uncles  4x5  graphic  view  monorail camera  and   8x10  ansco   studio camera   I started with...

one  thing  nice but  going unused is  the 5x7 durst  enlarger  with pin register vacuum  easel...   has   hi  power agfa  color  head on it.    used to be messenger graphics... they  used to  make  separations  with it until they  got their  scanner... bill hammer  had  2  a  5x7 and an 8x10..  some one else  got the  8x10 (  darn!)  but  that is how  I  learned there was a  5x7  one...     for  8 x 10 bw  we had a cast  iron Elwood  diffusion enlarger..  great  for  printing  8x10  and  6 1/2  x  8 1/2  glass plates  from   the  turn of the century....
I  think I  will give the durst to the  smecc  project.   I still want to see it!  (  but  would like to have the  room in   at  home  free)
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The Epson V850-Pro does pretty good at 8x10, and produces scans capable of being printed at about 30”x40”.  I *WISH* I could scan my 11x14 negatives.  To be able to do well requires either a vintage flatbed, or better yet a good Drum Scanner.  Realistically, I need a good Drum Scanner, which in turn will require a Classic Mac to drive it (since I don’t want to use a Windows PC).
You don’t want to know what it costs to shoot 4x5 transparencies, let alone 8x10.  I have a project, that to pull off, is probably going to require 8x10 transparencies.  I’m mainly working with 8x10 and 11x14 B&W, in fact I have a whole pile of 8x10 film that needs to be processed (I’m caught up on the 11x14).  This is also causing problems for my Classic Computers, since it fights for space (my PDP-11/44 actually has two enlargers sitting on top of it).
I have considered a couple photo projects using the Commodore 64 as the brains.

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Zane -   thanks  for  reminder.  Yes  this  scanner    goes  scssi  to  a  large  cofax  processing  card that is  supposed  to  do  fast  working magic... but  die  to faster   PC and CPU  speeds  today  may not  be  really needed  or  will HANG!

We  do  use the  vuscan  for   use  with a  hp scanner that  has a  4x5  negative  scanner attachment on it.   It  will scan   35 mm  to  4x5....   really  not   great resolution  for  35 mm to  11x14  size   but   for   4x5  to  11x14  or  8x10   works  just   fine.
Zane  yea  amazing I was  going to   scrap  that  scanner  now it is a part of the workforce...
I DO  WANT  A  EPSON 800 series that  goes up to 8x10  someday......though.....

(Back in my  youth  in the mid 70s I  did   advertising photography  for  products and    brochures  etc... and   many  people wanted     image of n  4x5 transparency ... some  required  8x10  even.   8x10  not  cheap  to  shoot.... $5 a  sheet  purchase  and $5  a sheet  processing  if  you  took to  lab. )
OK    so  for  my  4x5  stuff   this old  scanner  works and  also we  have ad  shots to  be scanned  at museum too ... one  example is the  REGENCY ( IDEA ELECTRONICS)  ad  shot  transparency collection  ( They made  first transistor  radio and all kids of  great  goodies  ... uhf converters, radio transceivers, public services band monitors  and more-)  Now  if  any other of  you have  anything  on  Ektachrome   scan it  now since as  time progresses the  colors  will get  even crappier!!!!    I love  really old   4x5  KODACHROME   transparencies  the  colors are still  a beauty... the  reds are  majestic and vibrant!! ( search  internet  for  some of the  WW2  color  stuff...  amazing)  reason?  Aniline  dies   in Kodachrome vs  the crappy>ass organic  dyes in the Ektachrome)....  Anyway...  Message here ... scan any and all color  materials now  not  later as most  will just  get  worse  but Kodachrome  not  as  bad  and  EVERY other   medium. 
we  got a  large  group of  Burroughs  35mm  ad  shots  on  transparency that are in the  Q   for  scanning...  pc  mini and mainframe  all across  the board.  stuff  will  definite  print up better than  scans  from magazines when I  need  a  photo   for a  display.
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> I wonder if I will face theses issuea with the cof ax scanner software and a megabux retired scanner we were gifted.. .. thing Is bw only..

With old scanners, always look at what the I/O interface is, and see if it’s a model of scanner supported by VueScan. VueScan is *amazing* and produces results that are about as good as SilverFast with my Epson V850 Pro. It also keeps some vintage scanners around here running.


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