New takes on XT-IDE, a new FDC, and a new CM/S GAL WAS: RE: More old stuff incoming

Ali cctalk at
Wed Dec 19 14:24:18 CST 2018

>That FDC is not an XT-IDE, it's a copy of Sergey Kiesev's XT-FDC controller. The same seller also saw fit >to "cost optimize" the open source XT-IDE rev 4 and remove my copyright/site info. It's no great step >forward, it's merely a copy of someone else's work with no attribution.

I thought that seller had permission? Also I never said the FDC was XT-IDE. The same seller (from New Zealand) also sells a small XT-IDE card. I didn't bother linking to it because there was nothing special about it.

>The controller chip used on that FDC is the same as found on some Adaptec AHA-15xx series cards, which >have been the go-to for a long time on adding FM support to PCs whose onboard controllers don't support >it.

As for Sergey's I wasn't aware that he used the same chip as the Adaptec or that his supported FM. Of course everyone knows about the 1540 which has driven prices up. I do not know of anyone selling hobbyist FDCs at this time preassembled so this may be a good source for those looking for one. If anyone is selling FDCs (is Sergey?) pre-assembled then they maybe should get the business...


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