New takes on XT-IDE, a new FDC, and a new CM/S GAL WAS: RE: More old stuff incoming

Ali cctalk at
Wed Dec 19 14:35:44 CST 2018

> > four drive support and addresses but given that most FDCs will not
> > support FM this is a great step forward.
> SOME FDC will support FM.
> SOME FDC can sorta do 128 byte sectors.


SOME is not MOST ;). Yeah some will but if you were to pick up a generic
8bit FDC off of eBay chances are it won't

> It looks nice, but,
> I want a DC37 external connector, instead of the serial.  Or use a
> header
> for serial to give space for the DC37.
> Or (would require moving stuff around a little, or a taller board), a
> second 34 pin header, and a DC37 on a bracket with short cable.

Agreed, as I said I would have liked to see more of the CompatiCard IV
functionality replicated. Or if they wanted to go above and beyond a 50 pin
internal header (for 8") and/or an edge connector (for 5 1/4") would also be
nice.... OR built in FDADAP functionality? How about better copying prowess
(e.g. put Copy II PC circuitry on the same FDC)? The deluxe chip might be
hard to replicate but the earlier TTL one should be doable)... 


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