Ali cctalk at
Wed Dec 19 19:38:53 CST 2018

> I’d recommend asking Hamrick, I think they only make the current
> version of their software available, and I’m not sure how long it’s
> been around.  According to Wikipedia it’s been around for 20 years,
> which would mean that there should be versions that support Win 9x and
> 2k.
> It’s primary purpose is to allow people to use scanners that are no
> longer supported on modern hardware.  Having said that, on my Epson
> V850-Pro I find it to be very, very close in quality to SilverFast when
> scanning film.  For documents, I’d use VueScan.


Thanks for the info. I am aware of the purpose/reason people are recommending it. The reason I asked my question is my own OCD need to standardize, i.e. If I can use a program I like in a multi-OS environment I see that as a serious plus. You learn one program well and use it across Win9x, 2K, XP, 7, OS X, and even Linux.... I am guessing VueScan is limited to 32bit and above OSes but I could be wrong. I wonder if there were ever any TWAIN drivers for Win 3.x.....


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