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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Dec 19 23:24:43 CST 2018

On 12/19/18 7:32 PM, Ali via cctalk wrote:
>>  I don't know how functional their solutions are and I've never had any
>> of
>> their products nor I have anything to do with them, but I've had this
>> link: <> in my bookmarks just in case since
>> 2005.
>> I guess if they have been in that business for so long now, they must
>> have
>> been doing things right.
> I can tell you for a fact that they do NOT support DMA so a non-starter for
> many things.....

ISA is a bit more complex to emulate as it might at first appear.  Real
ISA supports I/O port addressing, memory addressing, DMA and interrupts.

The last chipset that I'm aware of that directly supported real ISA was
the Intel 440BX family (440Bx, GX and ZX).   Later chipsets use a
"bridge chip" that introduces incompatibilieis.


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