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Done! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gqr3JHyV1bJGFZE7oaFkEVqRnl79ZvE54NVIy3YdikA/edit?usp=sharing
Fill it out as you think of stuff, and I will share it with the dealers.


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Isn't there some place this could go on a web page?

there isn't much chance of someone trolling a mailing list after the first day or two of the post appearing

Sellam seems to have come up with something with his Google spreadsheet. I don't know if something like that
would be practical if a large number of people were adding/removing things

On 12/20/18 5:09 AM, Robert via cctalk wrote:
> If we're making a list, I need an HP 8120-4098 interconnect cable for
> 9836C to  monitor.
> I'm also looking for a keyboard for a 9816, but that's a much longer shot...
> Thanks

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