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Thu Dec 20 12:57:48 CST 2018

On 12/20/2018 11:46 AM, Carlo Pisani via cctalk wrote:
> The prototype (1) is already working; in the pic, there is a DHT board 
> with a Matrox Millennium video card, and a PCI-PS/2 card. The pic shows 
> a running windows manager on x11.


> we are using a little PowerPC 405GP board, loaded with Linux and 
> xorg-x11. The processor's ISA is similar to a G3 CPU, but not exactly 
> equal. We had to create a specific toolchain for it.

Can I ask why you are using the board that you are using?

Is this project to use something you have and make it useful?  Or is it 
meant for others to be able to replicate?

If it's the latter, I'd think that a board that's inexpensive and easy 
for people to get their hands on would be appropriate.  (Maybe the board 
you are using is and I'm just ignorant of that fact.)

I hate to be cliche, but it seems like a Raspberry Pi (et al) qualifies 
here.  It also seems like it has keyboard / mouse / video ports already. 
  (All be it different incarnations there of.)

> The rootfs is derived from Gentoo/Linux by using Catalyst on QEMU/PPC. 
> It's neat enough, and the whole process is under control (we can choose 
> flags, and rebuild the whole accordingly)


> Currently, the only problem we have is related to the kernel, specifically 
> to support DeviceTree and the 405 CPU which has a weird address alignment, 
> thus it wastes a lot of cycles in kernel space.


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