Which DEC machine made use of th pre Flip-Chip board?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Dec 21 08:33:55 CST 2018

    > through (I think) the PDP-7; at least, this PDP-7 internals image
    > .. seems to show System Modules at the top, and FLIP CHIPs at the
    > bottom.

After groveling through the 'PDP-7 Maintainence Manual' (F-77A), this seems to
be accurate. In "Module Identification" (pg. 6-5), it refers to both types; the
example on the next page uses a 4303, a 4000-Series System Module.

What's interesting is the physical layout; all System Modules at the top of
that image, and FLIP CHIPs at the bottom. No doubt this is partially for
mechanical reasons (the two used different backplanes), but I wonder about the
division into sub-systems; were the two types interspersed among each other in
individual sub-systems (rewquiring running wires from the top to the bottom),
or were sub-systems exclusively one or the other (so that the top of the bay
is one sub-system, and the bottom another)?

No doubt I could answer this by studying the prints, but time is short; perhaps
someone who worked on the one at the LCM and already knows the answer can
enlighten us!


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