Speaking of paper tape...

JAMES FEHLINGER jfehlinger at comcast.net
Mon Dec 24 08:36:40 CST 2018

Does anybody here recognize the manufacturer of this gear,
presumably some kind of punched paper tape equipment?

Second to the last image at:

I recently had the chance to play with a Blu-Ray transfer of the old
gothic sci-fi TV show _The Outer Limits_ (the original 1963-64 series),
and some of the 50s magnetic tape equipment used as recurring props
can be identified -- e.g., an Ampex FR200 data recorder, Magnecord and Roberts
audio tape recorders, and even a pair of old Univac Uniservo I tape drives
in one episode.

But that twin paper-tape device (if that's what it is), which occurs
in the background of a number of first-season episodes, remains a
mystery.  The lower reels (if there are any) seem to be out of sight
in the lower part of the cabinet in all shots of the device, and
there seems to be a continuous loop of paper tape threaded around
the tape guides and back up to the upper reel (which is actually
spinning in at least one episode).

Anybody know what this might be?

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