NFS & Kerberos woes...

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Wed Dec 26 12:56:39 CST 2018

On 12/26/18 11:41 AM, Craig Ruff wrote:
> I used Kerberos with NFS successfully at my last job.  Any process/user 
> id accessing NFS mounts using Kerberos authentication must have a valid 
> Kerberos ticket, root included.

Okay.  Thank you for confirming what I suspected but was still doubting.

I believe that root should have access as the system's keytab has 
host/$FQDN and nfs/$FQDN principals.  Root also has a ticket granting 
ticket, krbtgt/$REALM.  At least I think that means that root has vlaid 
Kerberos tickets.

> The no_root_squash option is no longer relevant when Kerberos 
> authentication is used, as you surmise.


> You can address this by getting a machine ticket that root can use.

That's my current working understanding.  But, apparently I'm not 
getting something correct.  :-(

Thank you for the reply Craig.

Grant. . . .
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