New batch of items from the Virtual Warehouse of Computing Wonders

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at
Wed Dec 26 22:10:58 CST 2018

Hello Folks!

Here is another batch of goodies from the Warehouse:

Micropolis MicroDisk Maintenance Manual
Catalog of Public Domain Software for CP/M Book 1 & 2
Wabash 8" Floppy Disk 10-pack (shrinkwrapped)
Sony MD-2D 5.25" Floppy Diskette 10-pack (shrinkwrapped)
Kraft 3-button Mouse
PDP-11 BASIC-PLUS Language Manual
RL01/RL02 User Guide & Technical Manual
RL01/RL02 User Guide
RLV12 Disk Controller Configuration Sheet
RX02 Floppy Disk System User's Guide
DEC Microcomputer Products Group u[micro]note Reprints
PDP-11 Diagnostic Engineering Source Code Prints
DEC RoamAbout PCMCIA Network Adaptor
External 5.25" Drive
Tektronix 119-1592-01 Terminal Keyboard
Bondwell B310SX laptop
TI Home Computer Applications Software Bundle (18 boxed titles)
Convergent Technologies WP-100 Microprinter
Convergent Technologies WC-100 Comm Port
Convergent Technologies Workslate Leader's Guide
Convergent Technologies Workslate Marketing Collateral
Convergent Technologies Accessory Bundle
Convergent Technologies Thermal Paper Roll
Accton EN2212-1 Ethernet PCMCIA Card
New Media Corp. PCMCIA Game Port Joystick Adapter
Rolodex REX Docking Station
Sharp CE-IR2 Wireless Interface
Apricorn external hard disk pack
ASP SX100 SNAP Parallel Transmitter
LeeMah Data Security Corp. InfoKey
HP Jornada Docking Station
HP F1869-60001 Pocket Camera for HP Jornada Pocket PC
HP C4103A FIR 4Mbps IrDA module
Sony CDW-900E Compact Disc Recording Unit
Sony WebTV INT-W200 Internet Terminal
Sony SM0-E301F 128MB Magneto Optical Disk Drive
SGI Iris Indigo XS
Radio Shack TRS-80 Printer Interface Cable
Tandy Printer Interface Selector 2
CTK Adam Acoustically Coupled Modem
Microsoft Mouse & Microsoft Paintbrush (boxed)
IDT Series 1050/1750 Operations and Maintenance Instructions
IDT Series 1050/1750 TDF 4050 Tape Formatter Operations Manual
Data Broadcasting Corp. Signal Cable Receiver Plus
Olympus Deltis 230MB Magneto Optical Disk Subsystem
Compaq Contura Aero 4/25

I've still got a sale going until the end of 2018: Take 10% off anything
with a listing date prior to 2018 (check the "Date Added" column in the
warehouse item listings--anything listed in 2016-2017 is 10% off!)

If you're a previous buyer (I know who you are) the 10% off applies to any
listed item!

For you DEC enthusiasts, I'd like to clear out the documentation, so from
now until the end of the year I'm giving 10% off any DEC documentation
(this would be in [B]addition[/B] to the 10% off special for you previous

The main index for newly listed items is here:

As always, please contact me directly by e-mail via <sellam.ismail at>
to make an order or an offer.

Happy Holidays!


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