wanted back issues IEEE ANNALS OF THE HISTORY OF COMPUTING bound or unbound... dtop us a line off list please.

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sat Dec 29 20:30:43 CST 2018

I wish I would have known.  I joined IEEE Annals at the beginning.   I
eventually dropped my subscription because I found that the inaccuracies
would just make me mad.

I threw out a bunch of ACM SIGPLAN notices (the local library didn't
want them) from the 1978s.  Still need to get rid of a pile of old CACM
rags as well as IEEE Computer.  I'm staring at a pile of IEEE Micro and
a bunch of PC-related magazines from the 80s-90s (e.g. "DOS Developer's
Journal", which became "Windows/DOS Developer's Journal", which became
"Windows Developer's Journal", which was then thankfully put out of its
misery by merging into Doctor Dobbs').

I still have a bunch of "PC Tech Journal" and other various periodicals.

If anyone's looking for something special, let me know.  They'll all be
gone to the recycler by the end of January.


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