wanted back issues IEEE ANNALS OF THE HISTORY OF COMPUTING bound or unbound... dtop us a line off list please.

ED SHARPE couryhouse at aol.com
Sun Dec 30 15:02:39 CST 2018

We  have  a  few  dupes here  but  reserving those  for  someone that might   help us  out.

Another  great  reference are the old  joint computer  conference   east and  west   books.   were or  became  AFIPS WOW THEY HAVE ALL    THE INSERTING  EARLY STUFF!

We  have the  stuff  from start to  the  80s   as  I  remember... nothing newer..   a  fine  gift   from  Honeywell / Bull  HN and   some  from  side sources...  some of the later  hard  bound  ones  we  have  some  duplicates  of... need  to make a  list..  The  early  ones   we  may be  missing  an  issue ?   will  have to make a  current  list.
These AFIPS   publications are   another  group that   are not  in full open  access on the  internet  as  far as  I know..  But   should  be!
Some  I  like  looking at   for  something different   are the UK  data processing  Mags  form the  50's and  60s  as there are  computer and companies in there  I  know nothing about at all.

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I’ve found the Living Computers Museum in Seattle is interested in building their collection of paper copies of journals, and will pay for shipping. The form to offer items for donation is here: https://livingcomputers.org/Discover/Contribute-Historical-Artifacts.aspx . The more carefully you list the specific issues you have, the more likely they are to accept your offer (assuming they don’t already have the same issues). I’ve donated ACM publications and also various early PC magazines to them, plus a bunch of old MSDN CD-ROMs.


> From: Chuck Guzis <cclist at sydex.com <mailto:cclist at sydex.com>>> > I wish I would have known.  I joined IEEE Annals at the beginning.  I> eventually dropped my subscription because I found that the inaccuracies> would just make me mad.> > I threw out a bunch of ACM SIGPLAN notices (the local library didn't> want them) from the 1978s.  Still need to get rid of a pile of old CACM> rags as well as IEEE Computer.  I'm staring at a pile of IEEE Micro and> a bunch of PC-related magazines from the 80s-90s (e.g. "DOS Developer's> Journal", which became "Windows/DOS Developer's Journal", which became> "Windows Developer's Journal", which was then thankfully put out of its> misery by merging into Doctor Dobbs').> > I still have a bunch of "PC Tech Journal" and other various periodicals.> > If anyone's looking for something special, let me know.  They'll all be> gone to the recycler by the end of January.> 

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