WTB: 64K cache SIMM (72-pin)

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Sat Sep 1 11:41:37 CDT 2018

> > Trying to restore an Alpha Micro ColdFire-based system, and it's missing
> > its cache SIMM. It works without it, but it sure would be nice. AM doesn't
> > have much info on it but it appears to be a 72-pin 64KB SIMM (unknown
> > speed), same keying as 72-pin RAM SIMMs.
> >
> > I doubt this is a custom part and ISTR that PCs of around that time used
> > something similar. If you've got something like this mouldering in your
> > parts drawer, please advise. Thanks!
> >
> I have three devices which if I remember right were cache modules, but 
> they all appear to be 80 pin devices.
> Slightly longer pins than the typical 72-pin SIMMs, fit into a vertical 
> socket on the MB. Any chance you've got the pin count wrong?

An excellent question, but it is exactly the same socket as the 72-pin RAM
SIMMs below it. I even labouriously counted all the pins on the board socket
this morning just in case I'd missed something, and it's 72. The service
manual even warns against installing RAM there.

Is this actually a *non*-standard thing? I know Apple had all kinds of boffo
L2 cache configurations for the beige Power Macs but Apple's Apple and
certainly larger than Alpha Micro.

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