Thicknet/10base5 Test Segment: The Cable is In!

Mike Stein mhs.stein at
Sat Sep 1 13:36:40 CDT 2018

Speaking of AUI and hubs etc., any interest in a 10baseT hub with an AUI port?

Allied Telesyn/CentreCom MR820T


IBM 8222-016 (AUI _and_ 10base-2)



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> Yeah, Allied Telesyn/Telesis made (and still makes!) really decent hardware
> at a midrange price. I often recommend their gigabit and PoE switches for
> cost-sensitive projects, especially where management isn't really needed.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
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>> > Allied Telesis made a "multi port tap" that provided four AUI ports off a
>> > single Ethernet tap. I don't know if it was a repeater/hub inside, or
>> what.
>> > It was much smaller than a DELNI or DEREP.
>> Pretty sure I know the device you're talking about and I think it was
>> a hub internally. I liked it a lot better than the DELNI.
>> Come to think of it, I liked most of Allied Telesyn's stuff. I still have
>> a 10Mbit hub of theirs handling the low speed systems and the 10b2 segment
>> going to the HP 9000, and a whole mess of the transceivers which are
>> periodically useful on AUI-only systems.
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