HP 9885M Flexible Disk Drive available

Ernie k7kt at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 11:42:56 CDT 2018

Hi Mark !  

Ran across your 2016 note at ( http://www.classiccmp.org/pipermail/cctalk/2016-July/025530.html ) while looking for info on the HP9885M Disk Drive.  I have one of these old drives in what appears to be near mint condition.  I can't fully test it, don't have any disks, but it powers up without any magic smoke leaking out.  LEDs lit up, capstan drive is working, belt is in pristine condition, ventilation fan is working, boards are powered.  Certainly looks like it's ready to go.  

I've carried the thing all over the country as I've moved between jobs, intending to use the chassis in construction of a different electronic device.  It has spent a lot of time in closets.  I don't have an HP9825A or HP9845 computer and I'm getting too old to acquire such toys.  

If you have interest, I would like for someone who understands and appreciates such things to have it.  I can share pictures.  It would be a shame to disassemble such a well-built old beast.  Please let me know.  

Have a great week!  


K7KT at yahoo.com

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