HP-2250 in Salt Lake City

Tim Riker Tim at Rikers.org
Tue Sep 4 21:54:05 CDT 2018

Someone on this list, I don't remember who, asked me if I was interested
in this, and then dropped it off. I've not gotten around to doing
anything with it, and I could use the space back. If anyone is
interested, holler.

HP 2250 Measurement & Control Processor

Pictures are the same ones that came with it. Photographer unknown.


If your interested in picking it up, email me directly, please. If you
have more information to share, respond to the list. :)

If anyone knows more about what this is, I'd be interested to hear.

I got these links from Mike on the SIMH list:




Mine is the "2250M" version. Apparently this heavy beast is "mobile"
because it has wheels on it. :)

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