AlphaWindows - Protocol Information?

Martin.Hepperle at Martin.Hepperle at
Wed Sep 5 07:17:25 CDT 2018

In the 1990s a computer terminal standard "AlphaWindows" was proposed by the
Display Industry Association (DIA).
Sort of X-Windows for the poor.
A few terminals appeared which supported multiple text windows following the
this standard. Some limited global facts can be found in Wikipedia.

I learned that for example the TeleVideo 995 and 9089 or the HP 700/70
terminals supported AlphaWindows.
Obviously there were several implementation levels like:
(1) Basic AlphaWindow
(2) Mouse Operations
(3) Decorations
(4) AlphaWindow Credits Flow Control

Unfortunately I cannot find any information on the protocol resp. escape
sequences and the DIA is long gone.

Does anyone have a manual with escape sequences for one of the terminals
Or other material describing this protocol?

Note that other terminals of the similar types (e.g. HP 700/71) do not
support this feature.


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