Free: DDS-1 tapes, unused (new-old stock)

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at
Wed Sep 5 16:43:52 CDT 2018

missed   orig  post - how  many were there ?  I can use a  couple as  I have a  drive but  no media  yest  for it  but would be handly to have a couple  in case  I  need  to clean it...  actually  i need   mpe5   startup  tape   in  this  format  too....  Ed# 

In a message dated 9/5/2018 11:17:07 AM US Mountain Standard Time, cctalk at writes:

The DDS cleaning tapes have been claimed.

I may have more unused cleaning tapes in storage,
but I won't know for a few months. If I find
any, I'll post.


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