Oddball Terminals (Was: Re: VT100's)

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Fri Sep 7 12:00:59 CDT 2018

On 9/7/18 9:09 AM, Mark J. Blair via cctalk wrote:

> The display was a fully enclosed standalone unit, not a bare chassis. It sat on top of the bottom chassis of the terminal and then had another cover fitted over it.
> It had screen burn which indicated its use as part of a text terminal, but I don't know if the character generation was originally performed in the bottom chassis or by external equipment. The small DEC wire wrap backplane in the bottom chassis didn't seem big enough to implement all of that with flip chips. Maybe the backplane was just used for keyboard interface, and character generation was done by equipment external to the terminal?

The VT02 was apparently a PDP-8 device


Thus the  FY  1969 equipment  increment  was procured  from  DEC
and consisted  of one  KAIO Processor, one PDP-8 Computer  (4K memory),
4 VT02 Terminals, plus controllers, teleprinters, and  cables for  a total of
$167,042.  For  FY  1970, the  plan  called  for  additional  memory  capability,
disk packs, and additional inputting terminals for a total  of $189,000.

The only thing we have in the archive apparently are four proof negatives, unless the
controller had a different name.

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