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> > I am building my own VT100 terminal (FPGA project), and it will be
> > laptop-shape :P
> Trend Data System (the company that made some very nice paper tape readers
> made/sold such a terminal many years ago. There were at least 2 versions,
> one
> did 5 bit ('Baudot', 'Murray' (although it's actually neither),
> ITA2..), the other was
> a VT100-a-like. The display was LCD which could be folded over the keyboard
> when not in use. It needed an external 12V supply (I don't think there was
> ever an internal battery version).
> It was very close to a real VT100, even the setup options were identical.
> -tony

TI made a clamshell portable VT220-compatible terminal with an LCD screen,
the Travelmate LT220.  It's very nice, the LCD is high-contrast (but no
backlight) and it even has a built in 2400bps modem.  I believe it can run
off of a battery as well.  It's very handy.

There's a picture of one near the bottom of this page:

- Josh

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