Teletype mod 40 PSU

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Sep 8 23:48:11 CDT 2018

On 09/08/2018 08:10 PM, Ed Sharpe wrote:
> Yepper   the  material that holds all together...
> I  remember  back in the  first  year in  Computer  Biz  we  came across
> one of these and it was  fun  to watch it  run self  test.... fast!  
> sold it to someone that had one and interfaced it already...
> Always  wanted  later  a combo  for museum  display of the  CRT and the 
> Printer... There is a great  glossy that  shows up on ebay  time to time
> that was a press photo of a gal  with the combo at a desk...

It's a bit surprising to see how few pieces of old peripherals have
survived.  Sometime around 1985, we had a VAX 11/750 driving two CDC
(MPI) big 1500 (IIRC) LPM printers.  I don't know whatever became of
them, but we couldn't have been an isolated instance.

It seems that more CPUs have survived than the accompanying peripherals.
 This, in spite of installations with oceans of disk and tape drives,
for example.


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