Portable terminals

Carlo Pisani carlojpisani at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 07:23:13 CDT 2018

we (at http://www.downthebunker.xyz) are developing a project that is
a portable vt100 in laptop shape.

done with modern components, essentially it's an FPGA + LVDS circuit
to drive the LCD
the chassis will be manufactured by laser-cutting plastic planes, then
assembled with glue.

it's not yet a public project since it's a personal team internal
work, but maybe ...

anyway, the firmware is barebone, with a simple OS that runs directly the VT100
Il giorno dom 9 set 2018 alle ore 08:25 Jeffrey S. Worley via cctalk
<cctalk at classiccmp.org> ha scritto:
> Data General made a nifty and flexible terminal called "Walkabout". It
> had 32kb of internal memory one could use to take notes on the move. It
>   ran on a 12volt wall wart which charged an onboard nicad battery.
> The lcd screen is not backlit but it was useable in most any light.
> The sliders on the face note-book-like machine controlled contrast and
> darkness.  I used one as the head unit for my Data General MV4000/DC.
> The battery is likely dead on any you'll find, but it is easily
> accessible by a sliding cover on the side which when removed reveals a
> pack you can unplug and replace without tools.
> It supported a fair list of emulations selectable on-screen including
> vt220 and vt100 plus various proprietary 'Dasher' emulations.  The
> keyboard is better than most modern-day notebooks, it is VERY light-
> weight and pretty sturdy.  Here's a link to a photo.
> http://www.digibarn.com/collections/systems/dg-walkabout/DSC06218.JPG
> Jeffrey S. Worley

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