VCFMW - Zilog PDS8000 Model 20, NCR 1102-6000

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Sun Sep 9 15:05:49 CDT 2018

The Zilog PDS8000 has been sold.

On 9/9/2018 12:02 PM, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> I have a Zilog PDS8000 Model 20 with some disks and manuals. It has not 
> been powered up since I first got it some 20 or so years ago (total 
> guess.) It was previously owned by a software developer. The boot disks 
> are still in the 8" drives :).
> The NCR 1102-6000 is another one that I picked up years ago (who knows 
> how many) and it has not been powered up in the time I've had it. 
> Includes keyboard and original disks/manuals. Has two cartridges... one 
> looks like a parallel printer and the other I didn't pull out (memory?).
> These are things I won't bring unless they are sold before I bring them. 
> The operating condition is totally unknown. So if there is any interest, 
> please let me know with offer. My plan is to leave for Chicago on Tuesday.

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