Portable terminals

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Mon Sep 10 08:07:50 CDT 2018

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>Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2018 14:23:13 +0200
>From: Carlo Pisani <carlojpisani at gmail.com>
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>Subject: Re: Portable terminals
>we (at http://www.downthebunker.xyz<http://www.downthebunker.xyz/>) are developing a project that is
>a portable vt100 in laptop shape.
>done with modern components, essentially it's an FPGA + LVDS circuit
>to drive the LCD
>the chassis will be manufactured by laser-cutting plastic planes, then
>assembled with glue.
>it's not yet a public project since it's a personal team internal
>work, but maybe ...
>anyway, the firmware is barebone, with a simple OS that runs directly the VT100
>Il giorno dom 9 set 2018 alle ore 08:25 Jeffrey S. Worley via cctalk
?<cctalk at classiccmp.org> ha scritto:
>> Data General made a nifty and flexible terminal called "Walkabout". It
>> had 32kb of internal memory one could use to take notes on the move. It
>>   ran on a 12volt wall wart which charged an onboard nicad battery.

If you want a small, portable, battery-powered terminal, get an HPLX palmtop (95, 100 or 200). Runs for weeks or months on two AA batteries. The HPLX palmtops  have a VT100 emulation. I have not had a need to use it, but Tony has and perhaps can comment on its fidelity to the real thing.


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