Beehive terminals

Jeffrey H. Johnson jhj at
Tue Sep 11 03:06:46 CDT 2018

The Beehive ATL-008 might be an obscure terminal today, but it holds a special place in my heart as the first hardware terminal I used extensively, and was advanced (for 1982), supporting user programming in C. It's an advanced ANSI/VT102 terminal.

It was based on the 68008 and had quite the nice interface, and extensions like soft keys.

There is a TerminalWiki entry at and Bitsavers has the manuals at

A somewhat defining feature of this terminal was that the cursor control keys was on left hand side of the keyboard, which many found better optimized for data entry tasks.

The Beehive 3270 terminal was also quite advanced.

I was wondering if anyone might have one of these terminals - or at least the ROM from one, so it might be possible to pursue emulation? 

Is there anyone who is into rescuing and preserving the firmware from the terminals of the past?

Jeffrey H. Johnson
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