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> p.s. The caveat is of course if you get something like the Gemini. That looks like a very nice machine but at 599 British pounds I rather get a Sony UX series and have a real PC or the HP LX200. The key, at least for me, is finding a no name Android tablet w/ the basics that runs Android 7 or above at that $50 to $75 price point.

Oh, yes, for a terminal emulator, it's total overkill.

OTOH it will talk Telnet, SSH, rsh, rdesktop, X.11, you name it. A
cheapo USB dongle gives you RS232, or wired Ethernet, or whatever you
want. It's Android but it runs Linux, so it's a
decent-keyboard-equipped totally flexible device which will talk to
pretty much anything ever. Run DOS or Win98 in an QEMU or some other
emulator and some odd proprietary 1980s/1990s client software,
whatever you want.

Pocket VAX with SimH.  Pocket mainframe with Hercules. Pocket
NeXTstation or SPARC or PowerMac or Novell Netware server. Anything.

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