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>> p.s. The caveat is of course if you get something like the Gemini. That looks like a very nice machine but at 599 British pounds I rather get a Sony UX series and have a real PC or the HP LX200. The key, at least for me, is finding a no name Android tablet w/ the basics that runs Android 7 or above at that $50 to $75 price point.
> Oh, yes, for a terminal emulator, it's total overkill.

I think if I was in need of a portable vt100 terminal I’d use either my Raspad (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/35410622/raspad-raspberry-pi-tablet-for-your-creative-proje/posts) for full out Geek mode or (far more reliable) a small Chromebook as long as I can get a serial to USB adapter to work. Chromebooks have long battery life and are reasonably cheap. Also come in various sizes (my current one is a 15” as I need a large screen to see things…).

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