AlphaServer CPU compatibility question

John Klos john at
Fri Sep 14 23:27:28 CDT 2018

Hi, list,

I've lurked here a bit but haven't posted much yet. I'm now working on a 
system that I think people here might know something about.

Can anyone here tell me whether the CPU modules from an AlphaServer ES45 
will work in an AlphaServer DS25?

According to Wikipedia, they're both EV68CB CPUs. Some sites (including 
HP's QuickSpecs) list the 1.25 GHz ES45 CPU card as containing 16 megs of 
cache, but some places list the 1.25 GHz card with just 8 megs, like the 1 
GHz card.

If I could find a 1.25 GHz CPU card with 16 megs of cache, and if it'd 
work, I think it'd be a worthwhile upgrade to my DS25.



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