SAGE memory plane

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Its a shame it wasn't in the complete unit. Unless someone actually erases it, core memory will hold data until the sun swells up, as a red giant, and toast the earth.

One always wonders what one would find on these old cores.


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> ebay
> can someone identify exactly what this box was called, when it was deployed,
> and what training manual they are referring to?

    In the T.O. (,
that cabinet is called "core memory 1", or 256² ferrite core array". We  just
called it "Big Mem".  Here's a picture of the cabinet from McChord's

    I'll have to look through my references to find out when it was deployed.
That training manual doesn't seem to be on Bitsavers.  :-)  It would be nice
to find it.

> we have a couple
> and they keep getting mis-identified.

    I have one, as well:

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