ISO 70's and 80's coax and twinax terminal docs/brochures

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On 09/19/2018 12:08 PM, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> So would you be emulating the 3174's twinax connection and the functions 
> it provides?  Functionally being (what I think is) a controller that 
> would in turn communicate via TN3270 across the network to Hercules?

You jostled my brain enough that a random thought came rattling out.

There are some Multicians working on 3270 support for for a virtual FNP. 
  This means that they already have some code to interpret (TN)3270 data 

I think they were connecting a TN3270 client to the virtual FNP that was 
talking to the Multics machine.

I don't know how much help that might be, but it's some existing code 
related to pretending to be a (TN)3270 source that is consumed by TN3270 

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