Apple LaserWriter paper trays

Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Sep 19 21:52:02 CDT 2018

On Wed, 19 Sep 2018, John Ball via cctalk wrote:

> With VCF: PNW six months away I want to try and get something together to
> make a presence. I am not aware of anyone demonstrating an entire fleet of
> Apple machines in a configuration as advertised as "The Macintosh Office" at
> any recent point in history so I thought I should dedicate a table or two to
> that. A quick inventory tells me I can totally get multiple compact macs, a
> Macintosh XL, an IBM XT and a netbooting Apple IIe going with a set of
> common office programs and networked together with a server running
> Appleshare so that people can play with the software and try a few games
> over the network.
> The key component however is I need to get a LaserWriter working and
> networked as well so people who play with MacPaint for example can print
> their art out. I have access to four or five printers, of which one will
> come up reliably and make a presentable attempt of dispensing toner and not
> leafing roller sludge everywhere however while I can find cassette trays for
> holding paper I cannot find the two brown paper trays that attached to
> either side of the printer.
> I see quite a few on google that are also missing the trays. Would calling
> them uncommon be correct or might someone have a set they would be willing
> to part with?

I believe that the original/first Apple Laserwriter used the same trays,
and even the same toner cartridges as the rest of the CX Canon-based
printers, including HP LaserJet (first models), Cordata, Fedex, etc.

I think that you could even modify the trays from the Canon PC series 
copiers to work, although NOT those toner cartridges, much as they 
resembled the CX ones.

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