Apple LaserWriter paper trays

Ed Sharpe couryhouse at
Wed Sep 19 22:42:24 CDT 2018

when  we  closed  we  had  stacks of  those  shelf  things  yea  can use  some  too..

we  tossed a  bunch...
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On 9/19/18 7:52 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Sep 2018, John Ball via cctalk wrote:
>> while I can find cassette trays for
>> holding paper I cannot find the two brown paper trays that attached to
>> either side of the printer.

> I believe that the original/first Apple Laserwriter used the same trays,
> and even the same toner cartridges as the rest of the CX Canon-based
> printers

He's asking about the egress and ingest shelves. Ingest you can live without
if you have a paper carrier. Without the egress shelf, the paper falls on the

You can find the paper carriers pretty easily, but not the shelves.

I found a box of paper carriers a day or two ago, I'll look again for the shelves.

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